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You wear what you eat

“A place for everything,” they say, “and everything in its place.” For as long as anyone can remember, the primary purpose of food has been consumption. We cook to eat, to sustain ourselves. Aesthetics have always played a part, of course – from the lavish festival of medieval feasts to the refinement and sophistication of modern Michelin-starred chefs – but the lines have remained clear and uncrossed. Food is for eating. Even the rise of social media, with tweets about toast and photos of pudding, hasn’t swayed things too far.

Until now. In the latest chapter of its global rise, McDonald’s has just launched its own clothing range in Sweden. Lady Gaga explored this territory a few years ago with her meat dress, but this is fast food fashion for the masses. Haute couture meets hot cuisine. Thermal underwear, a rain coat, board shorts, wellington boots – even a dog coat, and accessories including a sleeping bag, a tent, bed linen and wallpaper, all with a bold, repeating pattern featuring McDonald’s iconic Big Mac on a white background.

A masterstroke, or a misstep? It’s certainly a bold move from one of the world’s most recognisable brands; challenging conventional ideas of what constitutes fashion.

McDonald's clothing image: McDonald's Sweden