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Wintergatan’s Music Machine

Inspired by ‘Marble Machine Culture’ Swedish band Wintergatan’s latest hand-built wooden Music Machine has to be seen to be believed. Whereas Scandinavian design usually strips objects back to sleek form and function, this is a symphony (see what we did there?) of gears, leavers and 2000 marbles, taking the simple music box to an insanely complex level.

The machine’s creator, Wintergatan’s Martin Molin, comments:
‘The marbles, you know, they behave like water. The nature of water is that it just breaks through everything. After 100,000 years it can make a hole in stone. The marbles act like that. It doesn't matter what I'm doing to try to tame them. They are just flooding every wall I'm putting up. ... I'll have to fix some escaping marble issues in order to tour. ’

Wintergatan main image: Wired
Wintergatan video: