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Whether the weather be hot...

If you’d passed through Arlanda Airport in Stockholm this summer, you might have spotted a large, futuristic-looking silver box. The Climate Portal took up residence in the airport for four months, offering travellers the chance to ‘feel the destination’ before they arrived.

Drawing real-time information from the internet, the Portal recreated the weather in 150 locations around the world. The unit could simulate temperature, wind conditions, sound and light, as well as mimicking the conditions of megacities.

A great way of whiling away the long wait in departures, for sure, and a novel way of entertaining the children, but it’s not all gimmick and novelty – there is a more practical application too. The Climate Portal gives travellers a valuable insight into what clothes to pack in hand luggage, and whether some new sun glasses from duty free might be in order.

We’re excited to see if the Climate Portal catches on! Watch out for a large silver box in a departure lounge near you!

Climate portal image: Studio Noc. Dev Malhotra