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Where does it come from?

The attraction of nature is a deeply embedded human trait. We have nurtured this love by bringing more of nature into our homes and public spaces.

We are also becoming more interested in the materials we find around us. Where do they come from, how are they produced and can they be recycled? These are all essential questions to ask for a sustainable future.

At the Stockholm furniture and lighting fair this week, this year's trend exhibition “Nature is back for good” is all about our longing for nature and natural surroundings. Three different areas have been designed. Teatime & Playtime by Susanna Vento, Finland. Meeting Room by Christine Rudolph, Denmark. And the outdoor area “Where does it come from and where does it go?” by Emma Olbers.

"My outdoors area is an interpretation of the different interior trends I see right now. At the same time, I want to use the exhibition to raise questions that we should be thinking about, like where does our material come from? Where does it go after? Can it be recycled? Hopefully, through this exhibition, I will be able to help raise the level of responsibility in terms of what material choices are being made by both producers and consumers,” says Emma.

In her part of the exhibition visitors can see the raw materials used and how much CO2 was produced for each of the various products.

Portrait Emma Olbers: HD
Plants and wooden board images: Kinnarps
Glass jar image: My newsdesk