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Stockholm Voices

Jonas Lindvall- Curl

Skandiform unveiled the prototype of Jonas Lindvall's new Curl easy chair and side table. Marking the birth of a new family of furniture, Curl shares DNA with the designer’s Oak and Papa families, also produced by Skandiform. ‘The objective was to push the qualities of its predecessors (Oak and Papa) by creating an upholstered chair that offers greater comfort, without taking up too much space.’ The dapper Mr Lindvall told Nu. ‘As the name suggests, Curl invites you to sit down, curl up and get cosy.’ We did.

Claesson Koivisto Rune – Matsumoto

Matsumoto tables, by Claesson Koivisto Rune (CKR) for Skandiform, started life as bespoke furnishings for Ceramika’s flagship store in Japan, where some sprouted straight from the floor like brutalist plants. CKR have now collaborated with Skandiform, to bring the plinth-based version of the beautifully proportioned café tables to a wider market. Nu caught up with Marten Claesson of the Stockhom based design trio, who told us: ‘We’ve finely tuned the dimensions, and softened the traditional rectangle, so the tables sit smoothly together for group use, or offer a sense of private space for two people when used alone. I suppose you could say it’s the meeting of Japanese sensibility with a Scandinavian aesthetic.’

Mia Cullin – Ribbon

The Ribbon pouffe designed by Stockholm-based designer and interior architect Mia Cullin, is the perfect union of the designer’s fascination with geometry and three-dimensional structures, and manufacturer Materia’s love of beautiful fabrics and high quality needlework. With fixed, braided upholstery, Ribbon is available in large octagonal or smaller hexagonal form, but the sides are the same length regardless, so several pieces can be grouped together.

Stefan Forsberg – Linnea

The Linnea bench, designed by Stefan Forsberg of Forsberg Furniture Design & Joinery for Nordic Care, is an elegant, comfortable wooden bench, yet it’s so sturdy that you can lean on one end to haul yourself from sitting to upright, and it won’t even wobble. Forsberg, who believes passionately in creating furniture that offers a sustainable relationship to its users, has created a bench that encourages people to use it actively, yet allows them to just relax. Nu loves the quirky profile, married with traditional workmanship.

Ragnheiður Ösp Sigurðardóttir – Knot Cushion

Created by Icelandic designer Ragnheiður Ösp Sigurðardóttir, of studio Umemi, the Knot Cushion has been put into production by Scandinavian creative powerhouse, Design House Stockholm. Sigurðardóttir explains how the fascinating cushion design first came about: ‘The idea for the Knot cushion came in 2011 and was inspired by toys I was crocheting, which had long tubular legs. Influenced by my girl scouting background, I decided to start looking into knots and came across The Ashley Book of Knots, a wonderful collection of knots from all over the world. The outcome was the Knot cushion.’

Kristine Five Melvær- Pop

Designed for Vestre, by Oslo-based Kristine Five Melvær, Pop is a series of 11 pieces of outdoor furniture, which gives the impression of lightness, despite its industrial, sheet metal construction. The range includes three types of benches, a table, three urban partitions and four planters, but it was the partition-that-is-also-a-trellis, which caught Nu’s eye. Melvær explains that the construction was ‘inspired by a branch, with a change in dimension from the sturdy legs to the leaner tubes, which hold the leaf-like perforated sheets. The nature-inspired motifs interpreted in a classic industrial language position the series in the tension between architecture and nature.’

Image knot cushions - Design House Stockholm
Image Skandiform Curl - Skandiform
Image Jonas Lindvall - Scandinavian Design
Image Matsumoto - Designboom
Image Ribbon - Materia
Image Linnea - Forsberg Design
Image knot cushion - Homeli
Image Ragnheiður Ösp Sigurðardóttir - Design House Stockholm
Image Kristine Five Melvær - Squarespace
Image Pop - Kristine Five Melvaer