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Smiles All Round - Humble Brushes

Humble Brush toothbrushes are beautiful in their simplicity of design, and there is beauty in the ethos of the Swedish-owned company behind them. The sales proposition is simply beautiful too; you buy an eco and panda-friendly bamboo toothbrush to look after your (or your children’s) teeth, and an underprivileged child gets access to oral health care. Smiles all round.

Bamboo, which is one of the fastest growing plants, has natural antibacterial properties that eliminate the need for any fertilisers or pesticides during cultivation. The brushes’ colourful bristles are free of the toxin bisphenol A and made from nylon, which degrades over time and can be processed through regular waste channels. In accordance with the company’s commitment to protecting the environment, all Humble Brushes come in fully compostable packaging.

The brushes’ biodegradable bamboo handles are produced in collaboration with a small family business in China, which is where the bamboo is harvested too. ‘We are proud of our factory, which only employs adults, and offers them good wages and working conditions.’ explains Humble Brush CEO Dr Noel Abdayem.
To ensure that Humble Brush keeps its promise to provide dental care to children in need, the company has a business model that allows long term development work rather than relying on charitable donations. The ‘buy one, give one’ approach funds the ‘Humble Smile Foundation’, which currently operates at 15 sites around the world. Its projects aim to raise oral health awareness and implement behavioural changes to address the critical lack of access to dental care in many of the world’s poorer and remote areas. This involves oral hygiene interventions, such as monitored tooth-brushing and dietary adjustments, as well as general oral health education for caregivers and renovations to dental clinics.

Humble brushes are now available to buy in the UK and you can find out more about them at

Main Humble Brushes image: Lauraen James
Bamboo image: Humble Brush
Humble Brushes image: Humble Brush