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Turning the aquarium on its head

How do you fancy an aquarium, so stylish and peaceful, that even Nemo couldn’t be persuaded to wander far from home?

Thanks to a clever filter system, which integrates chemical, biological and mechanical filtration, and is hidden below the rocks in a sunken compartment, the Swedish-designed Norrom Aquarium is as quiet as it is beautiful. The positioning of the lighting, also in the base, dispenses with the age-old problem of power cables that hang from the lid of the unit; an achingly simple solution to a long-ignored design problem.

The company is headquartered in both Helsingbord and London, and marries the best of Swedish design and British production technology. Founder Charles Dalton-Moore describes Norrom as ‘a disruptive brand’, whose mission is to introduce superbly designed products into stagnant (his pun, not ours) sectors, and shake up the way products in that field have evolved. The aquarium is Norrom’s challenge to a market where design has stalled at ‘changes to shape or colour, and tacky plastic frames’.

In the true Scandinavian tradition of responsible and inclusive design, Norrom is also eco-friendly, and endlessly customisable so that it suits everybody’s aesthetic. Whilst designed in Sweden, the units sold in the UK are manufactured here, to reduce the carbon impact of transporting parts, labour and finished units, and a brand new fabrication process reduces energy-reliant processing by nearly 20%; each stage being optimised to cut out physical and process inputs, helping the environment every step of the way.

The sleek Swedish design features 90° angles, constructed around a simple cylinder, which maximises the surface area to volume ratio and means there is no clutter to interfere with the view. Norrom is also the first ever home aquarium to feature interchangeable lids and bases. These are handcrafted in the UK, in a range of different wood finishes, and customers can also 3D-print their own lid and base, using a downloadable template, or even order a paint-ready lid and base, if they want to match an exact colour in their interior scheme.

Aquarium images: Norrom