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Just Add Water

Finnish soft drinks company ‘Limonade’ has developed an eco bottle cap that turns water into a fizzy drink, and has received support from Tekes (the Finnish Funding Agency for innovation) for its product development. The Easy Soda screw cap, which contains carbon dioxide and flavourings, currently comes in cola, orange, sparkling water and lemon varieties, and is manufactured near The Finnish capital Helsink. Limonade CEO, Kaj Pelamo, plans to keep it that way, saying: ‘We will keep our production in Finland. Freight charges are very low since 30 000 caps fit on a palette, compared with, for example, only 1500 normal soft drink bottles. Our product is the most ecological soft drink on the market.’

Easy Soda has proven so popular in Finland, that it flies off supermarket shelves as fast as Limonade’s small factory can produce it, and despite not actively marketing the product overseas, (yet), Pelamo is already negotiating a 14 million unit export deal. Looks like you’re going to need a bigger factory Kaj.

You can see Easy Soda in action here:

Images: Easy Soda