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Iceland on the Seine

For the first time ever, an Icelandic designer has featured in the extraordinary spectacle that is the annual J Summer Fashion Show. ‘Nox’ goldsmith and jewellery designer Jóhannes Arnljótur Ottósson was selected by the show’s director, fashion designer Jessica Minh Anh, to represent Iceland in the show; known for its extraordinary, theatrical global settings and Avant Garde production.

However, when the call came through, Ottósson wasn’t entirely convinced it was the real deal: ‘I thought this was a Nigerian scam!’ he smiles. He is clearly in awe of Jessica Minh Anh’s productions, commenting: ‘She unites culture, architecture and design in her shows and chooses people from five continents every year. This year, just seven of us were invited to showcase our collections.’

The 2016 summer show was held on one of Paris’s iconic Bateau Mouche Seine riverboats, creating a floating runway with a moving backdrop of the French Capital’s landmarks.
Having trained in gold smithing in Iceland, and jewellery design in Florence, Ottósson combines the design influences of both cultures in his ‘Nox’ collections, which he describes a ‘real ornaments, for real people’.

You can find out more about his work here:
And more about the J Summer Show here

Jóhannes Arnljótur Ottósson image: JMM Paris
Ring image: Nox
J Summer Show Model image: JMM Paris