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Happy Looks Good On You

If I were to ask you what things make you smile, you might say - a family day out, a new car, or losing the last kg! New socks? Possibly not. Well, not until Viktor Tell and Mikael Soderlinh came into our lives. These Scandinavian visionaries are the fun loving entrepreneurs behind the Happy Socks brand. Offering a vibrant design for every occasion, each with a unique personality and with an eye catching presentation, Happy Socks have fast become the statement piece for any accessory connoisseur.

Scandinavians are famously happy people, and Viktor and Mikael are no exceptions. They say they don’t feel like they are working anymore, they are just doing something they enjoy - and it shows! “What it’s been about from Day 1 is to spread happiness. To do things we like and to make everybody else happy.” (Mikael Soderlinh)

Their products have been a huge success and are now sold in more than 70 countries across every continent worldwide, and they continue to collaborate with some of the most creative designers and fashionista, including Billionaire Boys Club, David LaChapelle, Curtis Kulig, and even notorious rapper Snoop Dogg. Perhaps next time you open your Christmas stocking to find a pair of new socks you too will have good reason to smile!

You can check out Happy Socks’ full product range on their website:

Image Happy Socks header and preview: Fast Company
Image skater: Daily Movement
Image two pairs: Erst While Dear