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Go West

Ah, the music festival. A boozy haze of glowsticks, mud and broken tents, with the obligatory rucksack full of dirty washing to take home to Mum. Right?

Not so much. Music festivals have moved on from the days of Woodstock and early Glastonbury. They now offer a more refined experience – ‘glamping’ – with artisanal food vendors and mobile phone charging stations. Many are family-friendly, with facilities and performers to entertain all ages. Others, by contrast, don’t even offer the option to camp.

The Way Out West festival, held in Gothenburg each August, is one such example. With its restrictions on alcohol consumption, barbequing and camping, it challenges many music festival conventions.

It provides a stage for an eclectic mix of musical talent from Scandinavia and the rest of the world, hosted in an intimate, tree-lined space. After hours, revellers head into Gothenburg for ‘Stay Out West’, and an array of Swedish and international films are on show.

Way Out West has grown from small beginnings in 2007 to be one of the most well-respected festivals in Scandinavia, with a reputation that draws performers and fans from all over the world. We await the 2016 line-up with interest!

Festival image: Way Out Festival