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Drop It Like It's Danish

How a rubbish mountain generated by a music festival led to two young Scandinavian designers picking up a Red Dot ‘Best of the Best’ Award…
Heida Nolsøe and Marie Berggreen were on a product-design course at the Technical University of Denmark, when they were briefed to devise a solution for waste management in Copenhagen. Berggreen, who is Danish, explains: ‘At the time, the Distortion Festival [an annual music festival described as a ‘week of organised chaos’, which includes several street parties] was close to closing, because they just couldn’t handle the crazy amount of trash. So, we thought, how can we make a waste bin that you can easily put up so people can get rid of their trash and don’t have to walk long distances to find bins?’

Festivals traditionally use large metal or plastic rubbish containers, which can only be moved by truck , so Berggreen (who is from the Faroe Islands) and Nolsøe’s solution had to be lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. That solution was DropBucket, a waste bin design based on a simple, folded cardboard structure, which easily transforms into a stable pyramid-shaped container and allows large numbers of bins to be put up, quickly and easily, wherever they are needed.

| DropBucket is made of robust corrugated cardboard, made of recycled material, so it can be disposed of easily along with the rubbish. When awarding it a ‘Best of the Best Award’ in 20125, the Red Dot Jury said: ‘The DropBucket waste bin offers a very functional and coherent solution for straightforward waste disposal at events. Both concept and design are impressive. In hardly any time at all, folded cardboard changes into a practical, aesthetically appealing waste bin that communicates its purpose at first sight.’

Image Heida Nolsøe and Marie Berggreen: DropBucket
Image Dropbucket: Red Dot
Image Dropbucket at festival: DropBucket