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Cool it Like a Dane

Not content with exceptional furniture and clothing design, now the Scandis are giving the Aussies a run for their money. Fancy a nice cold tinny, but with an added dash of Danish eco cool? We’ve got just the gadget for you: The Earth Cooler by eCool.
The eCool is a slick, mechanical device that allows you to eschew the fridge and store and cool your beers underground, just like the Danes: electricity free and without damage to the environment. Designed, patented and produced by four chaps in their fifties from Mors, a small island in northern Jutland, the eCool is the perfect gift for the man (with a conscience) who has everything.

The guy with the original idea was architect Klaus Peter Bak, who explains:
'The eCool is a very, very Danish product. People here have used the method of cooling and frost protection in the ground for centuries - before electricity.’
Bak got together with family and friends to put his idea into protection, and the eCool has so grabbed the world’s attention that the Danish government and environment agency are backing the business, to help bring much needed jobs to the area.

Delightfully, Bak describes his three business partners as follows:
1. My partner for 25 years in the architect firm: Ole Davidsen.
2. My brother in law - who owns a mini market / kiosk : Viggo Berg Andersen
3. The local chimney sweeper (sic): Haagen B. Sorensen.’

The Danes are a down to earth lot.

Skål Chaps!

Earth Cooler image: Hight3ch
Earth Cooler explanation image: Techfaster
Earth Cooler in action: Jebica