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Body Talk

A good designer’s work has a clear identity; that special, personal signature, which tells you immediately that a piece bears their hallmark. However, one Stockholm-based designer has taken personalisation to the next level…
Cornelia Webb is a former medical student who doesn’t shy away from the human form. In fact she’s so comfortable with it, that she has used her own body to take casts of thumbs, ankles, collar bones, and even nipples, to create pieces that range from silver pendants and cuffs to gold and marble rings.

Webb’s ‘Molded Collection’ (sic), takes the body’s very bone structure and skin texture as the starting point for a range of sculptural, minimal jewellery unlike anything you’ve seen before. While some pieces are clearly figurative, others are more…subtle.
Webb explains: “Women have seen the Charmed [nipple] pendant in magazines and been like, ‘What about that hat that you have?’ And we’ve been like, ‘Uhhh, we don’t really have a hat…’”

Not that her customers are prudes by any stretch of the imagination. (The Swedes aren’t famous for their inhibition!) Webb laughs: “When we started playing around with the metal waxes and casting the nipples, I did full breasts. We’ve had requests for bespoke services from customers who are like, ‘Can you do my breasts now before I get old?'” Webb offers custom jewellery in addition to the ready-made pieces she sells via her web shop (, Net-A-Porter, Harvey Nichols, and elsewhere, but for bespoke commissions you have to visit her at her shop Stockholm’s arty Södermalm district, where she will make a cast of your chosen body part in wax, then take it to her workshop in Bali to hand-make the piece. Obviously, bespoke items are more expensive than her typical collections, (which tend to retail from around £20 to £250), but they are guaranteed to be as unique as you are. Here at Nu we love Cornelia Webb’s work, but we’re still not quite sure what message the gift of a nipple necklace might convey to its recipient. “Saw this and thought of you”?!

All images: Cornelia Webb