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Axel Arigato: Drop it like it's hot

Although Axel Arigato’s sneakers and shoes may be designed in Paris, that’s about as far as haute couture dictates the Gothenburg-based footwear company. Canning the idea of seasonal collections - the bi-annual fashion shows that keep the cogs of haute-couture grinding - Axel Arigato releases a new design every week.

The company’s self-styled ‘Drop of the Week’ is released to a loyal following of sneaker and slipper enthusiasts, (the company’s number of Instagram followers is approaching 200,000) appealing to the new online age of consumerism where trends emerge every day and inboxes are filled with invitations to buy, buy, BUY.

It’s not just gimmicky advertising though. Axel Arigato’s weekly design drop has proved to be marketing genius. Since launching in the summer of 2014 the brand has built a huge following and has now branched out to include a line for women as well as its eponymous sneakers, slippers and loafers for men. Designs incorporate premium materials with a certain joie de vivre to promote footwear as an extension of one’s personality. A brand ethos that shouts shoes first, clothing second.

Axel Arigato image: Axel Arigato